Part One: 1994-2005

This essentially is the content of the original edition of Fragments of Gender. The essays, poems and stories were written between 1994 and 2005, during the first ten years after I did what is variously described as changed my sex, lost my mind, altered my public performance of gender, killed the person I was, headed straight for hell, became the person I always was or simply pissed off just about everyone.

The theme that ties everything together in this book is gender, hence the title, Fragments of Gender. All my writing in this book is an attempt to engage people in a discussion of things people mostly don't want to discuss about sex, gender and sexuality.

I did only minor editing of the original work for the 2005 publication of this book, and have only corrected typos and formatting problems for the second edition. The date when I wrote each piece is indicated. Even in 2005 I did not still believe everything I wrote in the essays, and in many cases would have used different language to express my opinions.

The content in the first edition also spans the first ten years of popular use of the world wide web. My website was one of the first openly trans websites and was accessed and linked to from around the planet. I was the first openly trans person at the major midwestern university where I worked. So embarassing as some of this content now is, I have left it stand as a historical record.

Miscellaneous early essays

These were posted on the university GLB listserv, except for Sharing Our Stories, which contains an explanation of its circumstances.

Clique Columns

I wrote these essays for Clique, a magazine for bisexual and lesbian women published in New York, as a "Transgender Talk" column during the spring of 1997. The essays were submitted in this order, with these titles. I saw only one issue of the magazine, so I don't know if all the essays were actually printed. (I received very little feedback, so I'm thinking not, but then those were early days in terms of people having Internet access.)

Q*News Pieces

Q-News (with several variations in typography over the years) was a youth-oriented queer magazine published by students of Michigan State University (as of May 2014 it still has a website at These are some of the items I contributed, often for specific occasions.

Point of View Essays

I write a lot of essays. On my web site I once had a section called "Point of View" where I posted essays that were mostly reactions to current events or things that happened in my personal life. These are selected from those essays.

Short Fiction

The first two stories are mild erotica, the next four are science fiction and the final two are short play scripts.


Poetry seems to be a dying form, which is too bad. There are some things that can't be said in complete, well-formed sentences, or within the rhythm of a song. Poetry is often the next best thing to a face-to-face chat.