Multiple Muse Disorder: 1970

Afterword: Disclaimers

Thank you for reading our little story! (Or as much of it as we have written at this point.)

Though this story is autobiographical as far as Lisa is concerned, a number of liberties have been taken with the facts (if such a passé term may be used after 2016). Historical facts are as accurate as memory and research allow, but the particulars of Lisa's early life have been changed and simplified for the sake of the story, especially some names of people, places and institutions, to avoid embarrassment or lawsuit.

Although Lisa was born in Missouri, and one side of her family did have twentieth century roots in Missouri, no such family as the O'Malleys actually existed. (If it had, Lisa's life might have been quite different.) The town in which the O'Malleys live is also a fabrication, made from memories of the towns of Fulton and Rolla in which Lisa lived between 1971 and 1976, during college and graduate school.

Lisa's family tree is rooted mostly in the British Isles, but one branch that reached North America under the surname Hoffman is impossible to follow with any certainty. Risa and Resu are figments of Lisa's imagination, or perhaps vice versa.

Resu and Risa, by Lisa Lees.

Resu and Risa playing guitar and ocarina,
by Lisa Lees.

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