Multiple Muse Disorder: 1970

    A memoir of a life reimagined

Lisa's current project is a novel, a fictional autobiography of sorts, with illustrations both recycled from her old Out of phase tomboy web comic and newly drawn for this work.

There is no definite timeline for completing this novel and, honestly, no guarantee it ever will be completed. Latest update: 6 April 2018.   RSS feed

  Resu telling the story.
"Let us tell you a story."
Sketch by Lisa Lees.  

Synopsis: Yanked from 2017 to 1970 by her muses to avoid an ogre at their door, Lisa has a chance to re-live her life. But what does that actually mean?

While being written, the novel appears here, in fits and starts, occasional reverses and U-turns with updates randomly from time-to-time.

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Prologue: Pity Party
Part One
  1. Be Careful What You Wish For
  2. You Can Never Go Home Again
  3. Change of Venue
  4. Out on a Limb
  5. Fitting In
  6. Relative Calm
  7. Possibilities
Part Two
  1. Watch this space!
Part Three
  1. This one, too!
Afterword: Disclaimers

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art copyright © by Lisa Lees
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