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Out of phase tomboy: Multiple Muse Disorder was a fictional web comic about me and my two muses, Risa and Resu. I drew it for fun and because they made me do it. There was no schedule and very little consistency, but there occasionally were goblins.

I'm retired from regular employment. I have repetitive stress injury (carpal tunnel) from working as a computer programmer in pre-ergonomic times. I also have poor eyesight, which is deteriorating with age. So, I'm slow.

I draw with pencil and mostly ink, tone and color using Manga Studio. (Though recently I've been skipping the ink and coloring using Prismacolor pencils to reduce wear on my hands.) Below are some early character designs.

  Chibi Risa and Resu.

Risa   Resu   Lisa

Portrait of the artist.  

I like to write. I like to draw. Here, I did both.

The original idea was to draw a comic about me and my life. I drew scenes from early childhood, middle school, high school and later life. It was kind of boring, actually, until...

My two muses, Risa and Resu*, demanded to be included. That's when I began the "Multiple Muse Disorder" arc (a play on Gender Identity Disorder) which quickly took over the comic.

Risa and Resu are perhaps not 'real' in the same sense I am, but quite a few people believe that I'm not real in some ways, either. This question of what is real and who gets to say what is real has always been a big concern of mine, and is a common theme in the anime, comics, fiction and video games I like.

* I've been studying Japanese since 2007. One way my name could be transliterated into Japanese is: レスリサ (resu risa, last name first) which is where their names come from.

<— Photo of me at my drawing table, summer 2010.

Lisa Lees
Out of phase tomboy: Multiple Muse Disorder

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