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Born while the Korean war was hot, in the year of the dragon. Gemini, blood type A, B.A. philosophy, M.S. computer science. Muses Risa (pink hair) and Resu (brown hair).

Retired. Worked as college teacher, computer programmer, electronics technician, home-schooling parent, magazine editor, photographer, sales clerk, secretary, systems analyst, technical writer, theater makeup instructor, web designer.

Volunteered thousands of hours with small non-profits. Continue to help maintain the websites.

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  The Phreeky Dragon, acrylic, 1979.


Risa and Resu.

Risa & Resu

From an early age I doodled comics while I was supposed to be doing something else, but I did not become serious about it until my life imploded in my mid-fifties and suddenly I had free time in abundance.

In 2006 I began writing and drawing a series of web comics. The art was pretty bad (see right), but I learned fast. I began drawing Out of phase tomboy: Multiple Muse Disorder in 2008 and eventually reached the point where I could more or less draw on paper what I had in my head (sketch of Risa and Resu below).

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