Cat Pictures, Please!

So . . . suddenly there is a cat living with me. I am the caretaker of a cat by the name of Jet. Said name derives not from his colour, but from his propensity to zoom around at jet speed, leaving a trail of displaced rugs and other objects in his wake.

Jet is a mixed breed rescue, i.e., a mutt of a cat. Probably a little over a year old when he arrived in mid-May 2024, weighing around 11 pounds. A bit hefty for a house cat, and he's added at least a pound since then. Which is why he moves rugs when he launches himself on a jet flight. This has, of course, completely upended my heretofore quiet existence.

Click on a photo for a larger version. (And yes, I adore Naomi Kritzer's novels and stories!)

Jet with electric mouse.

Jet dreams of this electric mouse.

Sequence Singles
Sleep cat 1.

Going . . .

Sleepy cat 2.

. . . going . . .

Sleepy cat 3.

. . . gone.

  Jet on arrival.

Jet shortly after arrival. A bit lean and scruffy.

Jet after a month in residence.

Looking better after a month of care.

Current solution to gaming with cat. An ASUS TUF 23.8" gaming monitor attached to a Feandrea cat tower using a VIVO VESA pole mount. I highly recommend the Cat + Gamer manga by Wataru Nadatani from Dark Horse. It is quite accurate!
Gaming chair.

Gaming chair, cat adjacent.

Gaming with cat area.

Gaming area, now with cat in residence.

ASUS monitor on pipe clamp.

ASUS monitor on pipe clamp.

Cat not in above photos as he was hiding under the kotatsu in terror of the window cleaners.
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