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In 2012 I removed my books from print distribution so I could make revisions and convert them to ePub eBooks, which I then sold for a while on All told, I sold about two hundred copies around the world. No longer on, the books are here, both as web pages and as freely downloadable ePub eBooks.

Fool for Love, originally written in 2005, underwent very minor edits (grammar, spelling, markup) in 2010 to reach its current form.

A Queer Circle of Friends was completely rewritten in 2012 with the new title of A Triangular Attraction.

Fragments of Gender is my collection of essays and short fiction, mostly written between 1994 and 2004. The terminology is now outdated, and I have always walked the path less traveled, to the beat of my own drum. Read at your own risk.

Art by Lisa Lees.
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Fool for Love, cover

Fool for Love, by Lisa Lees, 2005, minor revision 2010. A young adult coming of age / coming out romance with intersex and genderqueer main characters and a happy ending. Cover by Jade Gordon, who drew the Lean on Me web comic.

Jami has lead a sheltered life; she's home-schooled, shy, smart and pretty. Carys helped start the GSA in her high school, is a clown and a theater geek, doesn't get along with her parents, is bullied at school, and doesn't quite know what she is.

Jami and Carys meet at a spring break arts camp and fall in love. Figuring out what that means, for one girl who has never willingly worn a dress and another who is intersexed, is hard. Being a teenager in love is never easy, but for Carys and Jami falling in love with each other is a sometimes terrifying journey in self-discovery and trust. You may read it online, or download the ePub file (238k).

A Triangular Attraction, cover

A Triangular Attraction, by Lisa Lees, 2012. A young adult mystery novel with intersex, trans and genderqueer characters. Sequel to Fool for Love. Cover art by Jade Gordon, who drew the Lean on Me web comic.

For Jami and Carys the thrill of striking out on their own as a couple has begun to wane, to be replaced by the work (and occasional excitement) of finding and building a community of friends. One day a tragic event and the subsequent delivery of a mysterious package make Carys and Jami very thankful that they have a queer circle of friends. A Triangular Attraction is a direct sequel to Fool for Love, and introduces Tam, a trans college student, as a significant new character.

A Triangular Attraction is a major rewrite of the novel that was originally published in 2006 as A Queer Circle of Friends. You may now read it online, or download the ePub file (377k).

Fragments of Gender, cover

Fragments of Gender, by Lisa Lees, 216 pages, 2005. Essays, short fiction and a few poems from the first ten years after changing my public gender marker from M to F. Second edition with a small amount of added material, 2012.

This quote from the book was once widely used around the web:

"One of the great myths of our culture is that at birth each infant can be identified as 'male' or 'female' (reproductive physiology), will grow up to have correspondingly 'masculine' or 'feminine' behavior (gender), live as a 'man' or a 'woman' (social role), and marry a woman or a man (heterosexual affective orientation). This is not so. There is much disagreement as to why this is not so, but a significant number of people in fact do not fit this simple idea of biologically predetermined gender/role destiny."

By current (2019) standards, some of the terminology and viewpoints expressed in Fragments of Gender may seem strange. Remember that much of this material dates to the 1990's in the context of activism at a large midwestern (USA) university when the world wide web was new and before social media came into existence. You may read Fragments of Gender online or download the ePub file (414k).

I also once drew a no longer available web comic loosely related to the novels, with the name A Queer Turn of Events (on and a no longer available web comic named Out of phase tomboy that led into the story I'm maybe still working on: Multiple Muse Disorder: 1970.

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