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2005 edition

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1952; grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma; went to college (philosophy) and graduate school (computer science) in Missouri; lived briefly in Kansas and New Jersey, and finally ended up in Michigan in late 1978; where I've lived in Flint, Ann Arbor, Lansing and, since 1993, East Lansing. Perhaps this explains why I prefer semicolons over periods.

The most important thing in my life is my own two children, currently teenagers. Right behind or beside them is young people in general; that's why I've always worked or taught at universities, and have been heavily involved for the past ten years with a children's theater company. (The kind of children's theater where it's children on stage and on the crews; not adults doing everything for children.)

Most people think I'm whacko because I gave my drivers license back to the state in 1981 and haven't driven a car since. If that doesn't weird people out, there's being queer and transexual. As a final coup de grâce, not only do I not like Microsoft Windows, but I do all my work on a GNU/Linux system (I've used Unix since 1985).

I also tend to annoy people by not answering questions the way they expect. Perhaps you can tell that from this brief bio.

For all the details you could possibly want, please see my web pages at

2014 update

My kids are now in their 20's and I still spend time with them every week. My only ongoing involvement with the children's theater company is maintaining their website and doing still photograpy (with my son, who is now a professional photographer). Have traveled to NYC the past three summers with my daughter, who participates in a week-long Art of Combat workshop in lower Manhattan.

I 'retired' in 2009 when my job at the university was redefined in a way that made it more trouble than it was worth to me. Still don't drive. Live alone with a large collection of anime, manga and music. Switched to using OSX in 2006. Began seriously studying Japanese in 2007, and also keep up my French.