Originally published as a print book via in 2006 as A Queer Circle of Friends with ISBN 978-1-4116-8577-2. This substantially rewritten edition published as an e-book via in June 2012 with ISBN 978-1-105-86198-7. Copyright © Lisa Lees.

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This novel is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Details about actual locations and places have sometimes been altered for the purposes of the story.

The original cover and the line art used for this version was created by artist Jade Gordon (

Note about this version

This is a complete rewrite of the novel I originally published in 2006, as I later came to see the 2006 version as a first draft that was rushed into print when I returned to working full time. Chapters 4 and 10-13 of the 2006 version bore the brunt of the changes.

Technology has changed quite a bit in six years. In some cases I have made changes to reflect that, but it would be best to still consider this novel as set in the first decade of the twenty-first century.


A Triangular Attraction is a sequel to Fool for Love. Carys and Jami have been living together for six months. They met at a spring break arts camp in high school and fell in love. Working out exactly what that meant, for one girl who had never willingly worn a dress and another who was intersex, was a bit of a problem. But they did the work needed, and now are happily coupled.

Carys has started a support group for unusual young people. When a mysterious package arrives in the mail following the tragic death of a member of the group, events nudge Jami to come out further, convince Carys that Lovelorn the Clown should do radical gender improv, and perhaps even affect Carys's and Jami's relationship.

The author wishes to thank everyone who was encouraging and supportive during the initial writing of this book in 2006.

— Lisa Lees

P.S. There is a set of pages at the back of the book that contain information such as a floor plan of the apartment and some of the poems mentioned in the story.

"Many people have suspected there is a hidden transgender agenda. You are correct. We hope to immerse everyone in high potency metaphysical concept solvent to strip away the social facade that keeps our souls in shadow and prevents us from interacting on the level of pure energy. When one day we cast aside our prejudices in a planetary embrace we will merge to give birth to a new sun and our love will shine to the edges of the universe and the ends of time!" — Carys