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Fragments of Gender
  by Lisa Lees

Fragments of Gender is a collection of about 40 essays, some short fiction, two short scripts and a few poems that were written during the first ten years (1994-2004) after the author transitioned (did the sex change / public change of gender / coming out as trans thing).

216 pages, ISBN 978-1-4116-3711-5. $14.95 print (now on sale 40% off, $8.97) on

Second edition with all the original content plus seven new essays, ISBN 978-1-312-19936-1, $1.99 ePub on and elsewhere.

Go to to buy the book and to see the preview and other information.

Cover photography by Lisa Lees. Graffiti artist unknown.

Fragments cover, anatomy is not destiny.


Queer Circle of Friends logo by Jade Gordon.

The original title for what is now A Triangular Attraction was A Queer Circle of Friends. Eventually I began thinking of Queer Circle as the name of the series, so when I rewrote the second novel, I changed its title. I do have a third novel in the series in mind, but no estimate as yet of when I might write it.


Fool for Love
  by Lisa Lees

A young adult coming of age / coming out romance novel with teenage intersex and transgender characters.

ePub, ISBN 978-1-105-86204-5. $1.99 download from (Preview available there.)

Cover design and art by Jade Gordon, who drew the Lean on Me web comic.

Fool for Love cover


A Triangular Attraction
  by Lisa Lees

A young adult mystery novel with a multitude of intersex, trans and genderqueer characters.

ePub, ISBN 978-1-105-86198-7. $1.99 download from

Cover art by Jade Gordon, who drew the Lean on Me web comic.

A Triangular Attraction cover.

Wallpaper-size (1280x1024) cover art for the original print editions of the novels:

Fool for Love wallpaper 1280 x 1024   Queer Circle of Friends wallpaper 1280 x 1024

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