Out of Phase Tomboy: Multiple Muse Disorder

Welcome! Bienvenue! ようこそ! Lisa Lees here, with my imaginary muses Resu and Risa, of course. I am no longer drawing a regular web comic, but am working on another novel (with comic-style illustrations) and occasionally draw topical "table-talk" comics and art for the novel. We also play console games and record our thoughts about how hard or easy they are for old eyes and hands to manage. And I continue to write my thoughts about gender, identity and life in the freak show.

Books: Fragments of Gender is a collection of essays; the others are novels. MMD: 1970 is a work in progress on the web.

  Table talk comic, by Lisa Lees.

The latest insightful table-talk comic.

Cover of Fragments of Gender.   Cover of Fool for Love.   Cover of A Triangular Attraction.   About MMD:1970 novel project.

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